Sunday, August 30, 2009

Loud Nine Is Moving Forward

People seem to like (or tolerate) us!

Instead of borrowing a trailer, my share of the gear got stuffed into a Honda Civic like some kind of puzzle.

The club (Oasis!) didn't want to move too many tables outside, so as a compromise I used the one that was in my way to hold a setlist, song notes, smokes/beers/phone, etc.
But since it was located at the exact spot where we needed to place a vocal monitor, I got the idea to drop the speaker's pole into the table's umbrella hole.
Speaker's at the perfect height, and you can still use the entire table.
(A small victory, but it set the tone for tonight)

Loud Nine's new subwoofers got taken off a shipping pallet and uncrated today.
Unreal specifications and they were designed to perfectly match our existing mid/high cabinets.
Would have put the 2 stacks together but the only available space was on either side of the tiki-butt king who is bolted to the floor.
We made the best of a difficult situation.
The new subs are incredible!!
Once I changed our cables' Neutrik wiring from 2+/- to 1+/- everything worked and we were very pleased.

Action photos from Sylvia and myself follow...

John Jarrett played bass on a Foo Fighters song through the ricockulous Eden amplifier system he let me use.
Loud Nine owes John a bucket of thanks--he took a lot of physical and technical labor off my back and provided the best bass amp I have ever used.
Thanks again, my brother!

An old habit--I see a camera pointed my way and I try to ruin the photo. This time I whipped a flashlight out of my pocket but failed to kill the shot.
(This is also a ©2009SylCan2 photo despite what I typed on it. Hard habit to break).

Loud Nine would like to thank everyone at Oasis for their great service and friendship.
Sorry we packed your club and filled your cash registers without sufficient warning, but we're cool now, right?

We also want to send out a huge special thanks to Mike Leavell for handling Loud Nine's sound tonight. He did a great job (as always) which made it possible for me to relax and concentrate on playing bass.
I'm jealous that he got to play with our brand-new subwoofers before me, but it was well worth it.
Always a pleasure to work with professionals.

Loud Nine also wants to thank our crazy-ass fans.
The 3 of you sure do drink a lot.
But it keeps us working and we appreciate y'all coming out and supporting live music in San Antonio.

We hope to have some free original recordings for some of you to take home next month.

To see more Loud Nine photos from this show, check out Tom Craig's set on Flickr.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Photo Session And Practice

David pointed out that a very cool thing about Loud Nine is how self-contained we are.
He's a whiz at recording with ProTools on his Mac and assembling a killer sound system, while I'm an experienced live sound/light engineer and photographer.
But more importantly, Mike & Steve can.....drink beer really fast?

I poke fun because they are the real stars of this band--me and Dave are just along for the ride.

The (loud) four of us can handle pretty much every aspect of the band's product without having to make endless phone calls to schedule outside help or discuss our goals.
No wasted time.
We get together and make it happen.

OASIS this Saturday @ 10pm.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Your Chance To See Loud Nine

Saturday August 29

You'll be able to tell your friends "I used to go see Loud Nine when they were just starting out".
That won't be true if you wait until September.